Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday to Us!

We can't believe this day is really happening - it's our birthday! Copperseal has officially been up and running for 1 year.

In the spirit of reminiscing, we both put together 3 simple things we learned while being Etsy sellers since last November. Here are our main takeaways:

1. Raise Your Prices
If you think your prices are fair, raise them even more! Quality, handmade work is something to be valued. Make sure your customer knows that value.

2. Go With Your Gut
There's a reason you started this business in the first place, and that's because you have a keen business sense and know what you like. If something is telling you to do something out of the norm, go for it. It's your shop and your brand.

3. Buy What You Love
If you wouldn't buy it, how do you expect your customers to? It's easy to feel the pressures of filling up the shop to stay relevant, but you have to remember: quality over quantity.

1. Quality Control
Just because you're selling vintage, does not mean you can pass a broken-down piece of history as an item. Make sure the pieces have withheld the test of time, and they'll remain in your customer's lives much longer.

2. Learn From The Best
When you're just starting out, it's easy to be overwhelmed with how many super successful shops there are on Etsy. Noticing who the top player in your field is good because you need to study them. Look at their first sales and where they are now. Take note of the actions they took to improve and mimic that.

3. Be Patient
Rome wasn't built in a day. Whether you plan on building a "Rome" on Etsy or just merely want to make some extra cash, it's going to take time to build a steady following of people who care about your product and want to share it with the world. We're still not completely there, but we're keeping patient and continue to build our business slowly and surely.

Now on to the fun stuff!

To celebrate, we're having a flash sale on all items in the shop. Use coupon code ONEYEAR at checkout and receive 10% off your entire purchase! If you've been eyeing a few pieces for your holiday gift list, now is the time to purchase before they're gone for good.

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