Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Featured Shop: Brick and Arrow

Today we are so happy to introduce you to an Etsy shop we've recently discovered and since coveted - the lovely Brick and Arrow by Hannah Oatman. Originally from Colorado but now living in Brooklyn, Hannah makes beautiful geometric leather jewelry and paper goods.

Her leather bracelets are scored and then hand painted to make a flexible but firm slip-on piece of art. How great would these look stacked??


Here is the best part: Hannah is offering Copperseal readers an exclusive 15% off coupon through the month of August. Simply enter the code "COPPERSEAL" at checkout for big savings!


Read our interview with Hannah to learn more about her design process and creative background:

Tell us a little about yourself!
My name is Hannah. I am an artist and musician from Colorado, but I recently moved to Brooklyn. I like clothes, chocolate, shapes, Sci-Fi, and obsolete machines. And I love to make anything and everything that I can dream up.

How did the idea to open up Brick and Arrow come about?
I am kind of obsessed with triangles, and I wanted an interesting way to wear them. I made myself a couple of leather cuffs, and when I started getting compliments and inquiries from strangers, I knew I was onto something!

What inspires your work?
I'm inspired by the simple elegance of geometric shapes and colors. I love the many ways you can make triangles fit together, and I always enjoy coming up with new designs and patterns. There are so many more possibilities than you would think!

Where do you see Brick and Arrow going in the future?
I hope to add more leather products - such as bags and pouches - in the future. Eventually, there may be some metal jewelry and ceramics...but who knows what the future holds? I will be happy as long as I can continue to share my creations with others.

What advice do you have for creatives looking to sell on Etsy?
Don't expect. Don't give up. Always be kind. And take nice pictures!

>> Check out the rest of Brick and Arrow and favorite her shop!

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